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What Keeps You Up at Night? – Pete Wilson
Diary of a Jackwagon – Tim Hawkins
Frederick: A Story of Boundless Hope – Frederick Ndabaramiye




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The Other 72: Lessons I Learned From Losing My Dream Job – Dewayne Havens (2014)


In January of 2011, I became the new director of a homeschool tutorial in Nashville, Tennessee. I was asked to head up a pilot program to convert our existing traditional scope and sequence of our 7th – 12th grade program into a Humanities focused curriculum with Literature and History as our core. We needed to design a four-year rotation of literature and history primary source materials from Ancient & Medieval to the present. It was an enormous endeavor.   I immediately asked Ronei if she’d be on my planning team and help me design the program. When I sat down to tell her about the project, she looked me in the eyes and said, “I’m all in.” She committed to staying all four years. 

As a program developer, Ronei was extremely organized and methodical; an incredible wealth of knowledge that I dipped into whenever I need to fill a instructional gap in our program. Her researching skills were top notch. I always knew if I handed Ronei a problem, she’d bring me back a well-researched best-practices solution. 

I think the biggest impression she made on me was her collaborative instincts. Ronei’s a team player and willing to listen to others’ ideas and incorporate them. She also makes a great cheerleader to have in your corner. She kept me focused on the next steps so I didn’t get overwhelmed and was my encouragement team when I began to doubt myself.

We asked her to lead the 9th and 10th grade literature program for all four years which meant designing new curriculum and developing a scope and sequence every year. It was imaginative, cohesive and extraordinarily rich. As an instructor, Ronei is passionate as well as demanding. She wanted to develop great thinkers, not just great students. Her theater background really came in handy to keep students engaged in what was often a deep and intricately woven lesson plan. Her level of communication through online videos, forums and classroom management apps allowed her to keep a pulse on each individual students’ needs. 
After the four-year pilot, Ronei and I moved on to other organizations. The lessons I learned through that experience have stayed with me. I’m now the Education Coordinator for Preston Taylor Ministries, a afterschool mentoring and tutoring program for at-risk youth that live in the largest section 8 housing project in Nashville The success of our endeavors together has given me the confidence to do large projects and take big risks. I’m forever grateful for Ronei’s willingness to teach, to coach and to dream alongside me.
Lisa Lentz

Park Ave Site Director - PTM Education Coordinator, Preston Taylor Ministries